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Tomsk Region Seeks to Be Pilot Region for Federal Project «Smart City»


Deputy Governor of Tomsk region in charge of construction sector and infrastructure Yevgeniy Parshuto took part in All-Russian meeting on questions of housing and utilities sector and comfortable urban environment.

Aside from the relevant issues of the sector, participants of the meeting, which was organized by the Ministry of  Construction, discussed  the work of the Federal Project “Creating comfortable urban environment”.

Head of the Ministry Mikhail Men said that a voting for the urban improvement projects took place in Russia in March for the first time, and over 16 million people came to vote. This federal project will be running till 2023, and the financing will be increased.

In particular, in 2018 Tomsk region will work on improvement of 91 areas around apartment complexes and 27 public spaces, 13 of which were selected by voting.  The region will spend over 300 million rubles on these purposes, which is 50 million more than in 2017. Besides, Tomsk region took part in All-Russian competition of improvement of small towns and historical settlements, filing four applications for improvement of landmark areas of Asino, Narym, Kolpashevo and Kedrovy.

«Today Ministry of Construction started a new project called «Smart City» , which presumes implementation of front-edge technologies and materials in city environment, including utilities sector and building by digitalizing city services, - deputy governor in charge of construction sector and infrastructure  Yevgeniy Parshuto announced. – Tomsk region intends to become a pilot area for this  project: a Live Laboratory is functioning in the region since 2017, it’s a technological base that combines «smart solutions» — from public transportation and information displays to apartment complexes management.

Within the framework of this federal project that starts in May, Ministry of Construction is planning to accumulate such best practices from different regions of Russia to form a common «Bank of solutions for Smart cities».