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A winner of the European Finswimming Championship will be studying at SibMed


Viktoria Partsakhashvili from Krasnodar region was enrolled at SibMed as a first-year student. She holds the rank of Master of Sport of Russia, International Class, is a European junior record holder and the winner of European Finswimming Championship and Finswimming World Cup.

Viktoria decided to enroll at SibMed last year, when she visited Tomsk as a participant of the Finswimming World Cup.

“Having arrived home, I decided to read about SibMed. And I realized that it is this university that I want to study at. It was a hard choice for me, since Tomsk is far from my home town, but I am sure that I won’t regret about my decision” Viktoria said.

It was hard to prepare for exams and train at the same time. Viktoria set high goals in sports but besides needed to finish school with distinction. She managed to succeed in both.

“I had a strong desire both to train and to study. Perhaps it is this desire that helped me to be successful in both areas” added Viktoria and emphasized that her parents gave her huge support in all her undertakings.

 Viktoria Partsakhashvili was enrolled at SibMed on budgetary basis having scored 251 points in her entrance exams. Her major is General Medicine.