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SibMed students took part in “Promise your heart” events


On September 24-29 SibMed, Health Care Department of Tomsk Region and Research Institute of Oncology held “Promise your heart” events, dedicated to prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Foreign students of SibMed, medical volunteers and members of the local IFMSA association took active part in all the events. 

Cardiovascular diseases are number one cause of death among the population worldwide. According to WHO statistics, prevention helps to avoid more than three quarters of all deaths happening for this reason.

‘Cardiovascular diseases remain the most common cause of deaths in Russia. This fact is often related to late doctor’s visits or incompliance with doctor’s recommendations. Not always do cardiovascular diseases develop rapidly. Quite often people don’t pay attention to symptoms they have due to their busy schedules, and therefore they put off a visit to a doctor, which results in irreversible consequences. We hold this series of events to draw people’s attention to prevention of cardiovascular diseases. It is much easier to prevent a disease rather than to treat it' Olga Kobyakova, Rector of SibMed, stressed. Within a week several events were held in Tomsk: a quest, lectures on healthy nutrition and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, ‘Measure your blood pressure’ action in big malls, such as Izumrudnyi Gorod, TSUM, and Smile City, a webinar with the SSMU doctor, and a competition in social media. The final event in the series was a flash mob “Exercises for your heart”. The action was supported by the grant of the President of the Russian Federation for developing civil society. 

World Heart Day is annually celebrated on September 29. It was first organized in 1999 under the initiative of the World Heart Federation. The aim of this day is to draw people's attention to the danger of cardiovascular diseases and the importance of their prevention. In 2018, the idea of the Day is ‘Promise your heart…’ The main focus is placed on such risk factors as smoking, low physical activity and poor nutrition.