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U-NOVUS participants have elaborated a Digital Hospital project concept


The participants of SSMU workshop at the forum of new solutions U-NOVUS have completed a three-day’s work on the Digital Hospital project. The result is a concept and a technology model of the project to be implemented into the INO Tomsk roadmap.

“To prepare for the workshop, we have carried out some profound research that enabled the participants to immerse themselves in the topic to their fullest. We are the first who view the Digital Hospital concept as an applied solution and aim to create a pilot site to try out the whole process chain for new healthcare, based on SSMU clinics.” said Ivan Deev, Deputy Governor of the Tomsk region on social policy.

The Digital Hospital project stipulates system-wide optimization and digitization of medical processes, leading to the fact that one platform combines the best science-and-technology, educational and clinical solutions.

The workshop saw the reports of the heads of SSMU clinics, scientists, doctors, and project leaders in related sphere. Session participants included representatives from IT, pharma and insurance companies, private clinics, Ministry of Healthcare, as well as specialists on design and data processing, circa one hundred people in total. The workshop was organized by SSMU and “Center for strategic developments North-West” fund.

Within the frameworks of the workshop, the participants visited SSMU clinics, formed a coordinated understanding concept of a Digital Hospital, identified the areas for further work: implementation of machine learning, artificial intelligence, Big Dara technology, neuro-technology and the internet of things. They suggest combining into one platform the regional medical information system, infrastructure and a vendor-neutral archive. It is assumed that the platform will collect the data from medical equipment, sensors, gadgets and mobile applications that the patients use. The workshop participants believe that all the necessary equipment and services already exist, all it takes is a massive integration project.

“The market of IT-solutions for healthcare is one of the most promising, however the developers are facing the problem of testing their products in real life conditions. The Digital Hospital will be the testing ground where a company could test its technology, polish it and then bring the final product to the market. Moreover, these companies will include both smaller ones – developers of IT-solutions – and the larger vendors such as Phillips, Siemens, GE Healthcare, etc.” Olga Kobyakova explained.

The funds for scientific development will be attained from gran sources, while the technology solutions will be supported by the customers of the testing ground. In future, the Tomsk region’s experience could be replicated in other regions. The organizers note that the Tomsk region can model both the administrative center with hospitals and remote settlements that require telemedicine technology.