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A student from SibMed is developing a sleep tracker for neurologic patients


Artyom Grebenyuk, a student of Siberian State Medical University (SibMed), is developing a device that may be used to track sleep of patients at home and in hospital.

“The kit includes a tissue sleep mask with sensors and a device to process and store data – a small box that can be fixed on a person’s body or put in the pocket or on the bedside table. The main task of this kit is to track patient’s sleep in order to help doctors prescribe relevant therapy and to help patients describe their sleep problems more accurately,” says the developer, who is also the winner of UMNIK competition organized by the Foundation for Assistance to Innovative projects.

Artyom Grebenyuk has already developed a working prototype that can determine sleep phases as well as pathological and physiological events occurring during sleep with up to 90% accuracy. The tracker was tested at the Neurology Department of SibMed. The findings were compared with data obtained by polysomnography, which is considered a reference technique.

“Sleep tracking is extensively studied and commercialized by Tomsk innovators. Market research proves that sleep tracking devices are in great demand today. The prototype presented by Artyom Grebenyuk demonstrates high accuracy that can be compared to that of professional equipment,” stated Grigoriy Kuzmin, a representative of the regional Foundation for Assistance to Innovative Projects.

Now the developer is planning to improve sensors and develop software and a user interface. Artyom Grebenyuk also specified that the kit will be portable and patients will be able to use it at home.