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SibMed Alumni Association


It has been six years since SibMed Alumni Association was founded. This year the Association introduced new services and upgraded loyalty program for its members.

SibMed Alumni Association is responsible for holding regular meetings with alumni, representing their interests, coordinating various activities and promoting SibMed development. It, also, implements several projects aimed at developing Alumni Database, ensuring continuous communication with all stakeholders, preserving university traditions, and offering SibMed graduates’ platforms for communication.

“There are no ‘ex’ students for SibMed community. Everyone, who once started or continued professional development at the University, will forever remain a part of it. As part of the Association upgrade, a loyalty program was developed. Now one can choose to become a follower or a full member of the Association and receive corresponding privileges,” said Evgeniy Kulikov, the Acting Rector of SibMed.

Becoming a follower to the Association means receiving the following advantages: a subscription to an online newsletter about the events at the University, the opportunity to share a story about his/her career or memories with photo and video materials reminding of student life. The full members of the Association are provided with organizational support for holding meetings at University premises with professors, access to corporate mail with the domain, access to the SibMed Library collections, the opportunity to visit university museums, give lectures to university students and offer job placements via University official media accounts, as well as participation in the mentoring programs as a supervisor.

The Association president is Alexander Baykov, Dr Med Sc, Professor, Honorary Figure of the Russian Higher Education.

“The leadership of the university and the Alumni Association is always glad to meet its graduates at the annual Alumni meetings that are held at the University. We dedicate a lot of effort in preparing these meetings to welcome everyone who wishes to continue the relationship with the University after graduation. In 2020, unfortunately, we had to adapt quickly and conduct our traditional meeting online.  We hope that despite all the difficulties our alumni stay strong and healthy and work hand in hand with other professionals to fight the infection. I believe that already in near future the University will be open to public again and we will hold traditional jubilee meetings at home, ”commented Alexander Baikov.

SibMed graduates, who wish to join the Association simply need to write an email to and specify the year of graduation and the study group. After, the manager will contact you for further details.