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The admissions campaign-2021 opened the SibMed doors for 1827 new students


In 2021, SibMed enrolled more than 1,300 first-year students, 492 residents and 35 postgraduate students.

In total, SibMed received more than 12 thousand applications. Applicants from 65 regions of the Russian Federation and countries all over the world applied to study at SibMed.

“Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the Admissions Office and the entire University team, we managed to achieve positive results, although the admissions campaign was extremely tense. The number of applicants is approximately the same as last year. However, 2020 saw a record growth - by 2,000 applications compared to the pre-Covid year of 2019. The pandemic has made the profession of a doctor more prestigious. In addition, SibMed increased the number of state-funded places and it reached almost 1,000 in 2021. We lead in the number of state-funded places among medical universities beyond the Urals. The admissions campaign in 2021 was also focused on employer-sponsored education. At the Departments of General Medicine and Pediatrics, the share of employer-sponsored admissions was higher than 70%,” commented SibMed Rector Evgeny Kulikov.

The specialties "Dentistry", "Pediatrics" and "General Medicine" showed the highest competition.

Preparations for the new academic year were carried out according the recommendations on the prevention of the new coronavirus infection in educational institutions of higher education.

In 2021, major and routine repairs took place in all buildings of the SibMed campus. Traditionally, all dormitories prepared rooms for first-year students. In the fall of 2021, it is planned to open the SibMed Sports Facilities after major repairs .

Classes in the fall semester will be held in the blended learning mode. To ensure epidemiological safety, lectures will be held online while practical classes - on-campus.

On the Day of Knowledge, which is on September 1, students will find a huge "Lucky student ID card" next to the SibMed entrance. The installation is more than 20 times larger than the original prototype and will become a photo zone for everyone.

The traditional concert will be held online in the SibMed accounts in social networks. The week will see a series of events for first-year students.