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Head of the Unit Scientific Head of the Unit

Igor A. Khlusov

D.M.SC., Professor

Morphology and General Pathology Division 



Marina V. Dvornichenko

Cand. Med. Sci.

HumanAnatomy Division with a Topographic Anatomy and Operative Surgery Course

“Biocompatible Materials and Bioengineering” strategic unit aims at creating new fundamental knowledge and innovation-oriented developments to promote the principles of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering based on the interdisciplinary communication among SibMed, regional and international research teams.


  • Conducting research activities in priority areas and advancing critical technologies for the development of science and technology in the Russian Federation; the following to be regarded as critical technologies:
  • biocatalytic, biosynthetic and biosensor technologies
  • biomedical and veterinary technologies
  • genomic, proteomic and postgenomic technologies
  • cell technology
  • computer simulation of nanomaterials, nanodevices and nanotechnology
  • nano and bio information, cognitive technologies
  • bioengineering technologies
  • technology for the production and processing of structural and functional nanomaterials
  • technology to reduce losses from socially significant diseases
  • Offering scientific and methodological support in research and academic activities in the field of interdisciplinary development of physics, chemistry, biology and medicine in the Russian Federation.
  • Conducting research and development activities in the field of new biomedical materials and technologies.
  • Facilitating preclinical trials for biomedical materials, drugs and dietary supplements.


  • Developing approaches to a-C: H: SiOx films sterilization on plastic (polypropylene) samples to ensure in vitro studies of cytotoxicity/cell death options (apoptosis, necrosis) of blood leukocytes
  • Computer based morphometry of digital video images of leukemia cultures and normal cells invitro and tissue sections grown in the test of ectopic bone formation

International partners